Organizing My Life Online

I am a teacher.  From the beginnings of my career as a 2nd- 5th grade teacher through my current teaching position in UWM School of Education, I have always thought of myself as a teacher.  Even when my career choice to become an assistant principal took my out of the classroom, I eked out time to work with teachers on projects that allowed me to teach students.  I carry this passion as a teacher into my teaching of preservice teachers. I am a teacher!
I am also a wife, daughter, sister, and aunt.  I was born to Peter and Mary Sue Kelley in Vandailia, IL.  As a daughter, I hope I’ve made my parents proud.  As the oldest of 3 siblings, I’ve been told by my brother, Pete, and my sister, Mary, that I have may of the characteristics of being the first born. We’ve had our moments of childhood fights, but as adults, I’d say we are a pretty high functioning group!  I waited until I was older to get married, so while I’m still learning how to be a good partner, I do believe that wait was worth it.  Tony is the perfect partner for me.
I’ve designed this website as an outlet to share and organize my professional work.  It’s my first attempt at blogging/webiste organization.  Let’s see how it goes.  You’ll find that I like things organized, so I’m hopeful that this experiment is successful!